Journalists v. United States "...the enemy of the American people!", says President Donald Trump of American journalists. It's bizarre to think the only profession protected by the Constitution of the United States is being labeled as a complete sham by the man who's job it is to support and protect it. I chose to focus on the topic… Continue reading Journalists v. United States

The ups and downs of Axios coverage

I like to think I'm pretty up-to-date on current events but before January, I never heard of Axios. That was until I was assigned to follow them for the spring semester. When I looked more into the website and news articles, I had a better understanding on what they were all about and it made… Continue reading The ups and downs of Axios coverage

Discovering the streets of Boston through my eyes

  The past two weeks I had the opportunity to explore Boston and get to know its sites and people in ways I haven't on my own. This scavenger hunt made me open up to seeing the city in a new way, even though I'm still relatively new to living here.   City Snapshot -… Continue reading Discovering the streets of Boston through my eyes

Axios offers simplified and straightforward news

Axios is a site established in 2016 by Politico co-founders that specializes in news about politics, business and technology. The primary audience is professional adults with its article themes and native advertising. It’s a simplistic format that anyone can understand without the typical internet trend ads, click-bait titles and visuals that distract from the actual… Continue reading Axios offers simplified and straightforward news

The 2018 Winter Olympics are gaining positive reviews

For a country under strict leadership, there has been a lot of positive media coverage coming out of the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. Source: It seems that the mannerisms are impressing the world because of how deprived Koreans are in their own country. Below are some of the headlines being released so… Continue reading The 2018 Winter Olympics are gaining positive reviews

Super Bowl ads are getting longer this year

Axios focused on the advertisements of the year's biggest event on television and how they are changing. According to the Axios, advertisers choose shorter run times because of the audience's preference with quick videos found online. But it's become a trend in the past few years for companies to release longer advertisements during the Super… Continue reading Super Bowl ads are getting longer this year

Dunkin’ CEO visits BU students to talk business

I had the chance to attend one of the Dean's Speaker Series events at Boston University's Questrom School of Business. The guest was Dunkin' Brands Chairman and CEO Nigel Travis who had a lot to say about his journey the past few years and what it takes to maintain his responsibilities.

I gave up my iPhone for 2 hours and lived to tell the tale

You would think someone my age couldn't last two seconds without their phone and apps right? Well, you're wrong. Not only did I accomplish the task but I went over the expected time and had no problem. The best way I could sum up my thoughts and emotions during this time is with memes... Spongebob… Continue reading I gave up my iPhone for 2 hours and lived to tell the tale

NewsTrack Roundtable: Axios Visuals gives readers the bigger picture

Axios is a simplistic style news site with a goal of getting to the point.   But they dedicate a section of their site to visual storytelling with Axios Visuals, which are stories with graphics curated by the writers with data acquired from outside sources.   We hear numbers all the time in the news… Continue reading NewsTrack Roundtable: Axios Visuals gives readers the bigger picture