Axios offers simplified and straightforward news

Axios is a site established in 2016 by Politico co-founders that specializes in news about politics, business and technology. The primary audience is professional adults with its article themes and native advertising. It’s a simplistic format that anyone can understand without the typical internet trend ads, click-bait titles and visuals that distract from the actual stories they are posting. Their company motto is, “Media is broken — and too often a scam”.

The layout of the Axios desktop website is very easy to navigate and looks similar to a blog post with a scrolling layout for articles. The colors are clean and simple so there’s not too much distraction to the site and it focuses on the headlines and visuals.

The mobile site also resembles a blogging format similar to Tumblr with a scrolling feature and social media sharing links at the bottom of every post. When I looked over the articles for today, there have been several posts every hour.

I noticed on both the mobile and desktop sites that their approach to advertising is different than most news sites. The posts are the same size and style as a regular article by Axios but they’re titled “A message from …” (ex. Bank of America).

Their social media offerings are lacking a little. The Instagram page @axiosnews has 1 post of their logo without a caption, hashtags or any user comments from 2017. They have 56 followers but aren’t following anyone. The only line of text on their Instagram is in the biography section that says “Smart brevity” along with the link to their website.


The Twitter page is better but still has its problems. The biography has more description by expanding on their instagram phrase, “Smart brevity worthy of people’s time, attention and trust. Subscribe:”. There’s a link below the description with the website url “”. They are following 721 accounts but have 157.6k followers. The tweets are consistent but I found them posting articles several times.



Overall, their Twitter is a more interactive space with readers but still has its bugs. Their Facebook also has a similar design to every other format of theirs but also posts video content and shows the comments and “likes” from readers, giving them more of a voice.

The desktop and mobile websites are successful in providing an easy to use design for all readers but lacks the connection with readers through social media. This is a downfall because a majority of young, professionals that they’re targeting as readers usually get their news from social media applications and notifications.

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