Axios’ promise to its readers


Axios is a newbie in the reporting game, but its staff is stacked with news veterans. The company’s mission is a reflection on news coverage of the past and how they are moving forward.




In my opinion, Axios is a fresh approach to digital news reporting because it’s a no-nonsense kind of operation. The layout of the website is clean and easy to navigate but what does their media coverage do for its readers? The cover a wide range of topics and a “Special Features” tab on their homepage that includes pages like “Smarter Faster”, “Facts matter” and “Axios Visuals”. Each page has a theme like “Smarter Faster” which is run by JPMorgan Chase & Co. and offers lifestyle views and opinions from leaders. “Facts matter” focuses on breaking down the importance of a trending story and why readers should know about it. “Axios Visuals” gives an easier display of information like a company’s financial loss in a timeline. Also, the company hosts the event “Axiso360” which has sit-down conversations with Axios writers, government leaders and fellow journalists.


Here are some Twitter opinions on Axios reporters and events:

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