NewsTrack Roundtable: Axios Visuals gives readers the bigger picture

Axios is a simplistic style news site with a goal of getting to the point.


But they dedicate a section of their site to visual storytelling with Axios Visuals, which are stories with graphics curated by the writers with data acquired from outside sources.


We hear numbers all the time in the news with statistics from studies but sometimes it’s hard to really comprehend the meaning of them and their significance.


This post from their website on gun legislation not only gives a better representation of the data in a 5 year summary, it’s also interactive. I found this to be helpful for readers who are receiving a surge of information at once, like statistics that they don’t know how to navigate or organize.


Another post they made a week ago about President Trump’s opinions of gun control only included his tweets and their background information of him referring to the White House listening session held with school shooting survivors. It’s more of a reaction piece but they didn’t include photos of him or those attending from the actual event at the White House, making it a piece to easily look over because it’s just a lineup of tweets you could find on your own by going to his Twitter feed.


When I was trying to find different representations of the same subject or story to get a better understanding on how they create visual pieces, I actually came across a big problem.


The same story was posted twice on the same day, one with an updated addition of text and link to an expansion of the story.

Screenshot 2018-03-01 at 12.14.43 PMScreenshot 2018-03-01 at 12.15.18 PM

It was posted twice, only one was updated, and the links ended up not working.


Axios Visuals have effective visual storytelling posts but when you dig deeper into the site and look at similar stories, they’re not that reliable.

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